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Palestinian Territory (Occupied) - COI

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Mr Riad al Khouri, MLitt (Oxon) 

Email: ralkhouriatgmail [dot] com
Phone: +962-779995000
Skype: riad.al.khouri

A Jordanian economist specializing in the Middle East, Riad has for over forty years trained, lectured, advised, and researched on a wide variety of socio-economic, business, and strategic topics such as good governance, migration, aid, post-crisis economies, strategic planning, conflict resolution, non-government organizations, and sustainable development. His mother tongue is Arabic, and he is also fluent in English, with a strong working knowledge of French. Born in Palestine to a well-known Palestinian family and maintaining extensive contacts there, he travels to the country on professional assignments, working with numerous local and international organizations while continuing to write and publish widely on Palestinian developments. Among other major relevant activities, Riad was advisor for several years to the President of the PLO's Palestine National Fund. 

Dr Rebwar Fatah

Email: rebwaratmideastconsultancy [dot] com or infoatmideastconsultancy [dot] com

Dr Rebwar Fatah is the founder and Managing Director of MECS. He has extensive knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa, and of Western involvement in that region. Dr Fatah has been working as a Middle East expert since 2000, and has produced hundreds of reports for court purposes. Dr Fatah's reports have been cited in over two thousand immigration appeals, as well as family and criminal cases in which his expertise has been accepted. A number of media outlets and professional bodies also rely on his opinion, as well as IOM, UNHCR, and national government bodies.

Dr Fatah’s commercial and financial knowledge of the Middle East and the western market, coupled with his deep knowledge of technology and its implementation makes him unique in his field. He regularly visits the Middle East conducting fact-finding missions to ensure that his knowledge is up to date and based on reliable information. Dr Fatah speaks most of the Middle Eastern languages as well as their various dialects.

Dr Fatah’s Country Expert Reports cover a wide range of issues, including general security (examining the actions of state and non-state actors) and sufficiency of protection, crimes of honour, healthcare, corruption, employment markets, and at-risk groups of different sexual, religious, political and cultural profiles.

Dr Adam Hanieh

Development Studies Department, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
Email: ah92atsoas [dot] ac [dot] uk

Dr Hanieh is a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He has spent several years living and researching in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and has worked for Palestinian NGOs focusing specifically on Israeli prisons and prison conditions, children's rights and wider socio-economic issues. He is willing to discuss writing expert witness reports on conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  

Ms Katherine Harbord

Email: K [dot] A [dot] Harbordatljmu [dot] ac [dot] uk
Tel: +00 44 (0)1 51 23 15 178

Ms Harbord is a lecturer in Human Rights at Liverpool John Moores University.  For a number of years, she has worked pro bono for a variety of organisations and charities, conducting field work and writing reports on subjects ranging from gendered education to religious identity.  Her main focus is on Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Ms Harbord has particular expertise in the areas of ethnicity, sexuality, religious discrimination and human rights. She has also conducted research amongst the incarcerated and “collaborators”, and has an in-depth knowledge of the situation on the ground in the region, both in respect of state and society.  She speaks Arabic and Hebrew, as well as English.

Dr Tobias Kelly

School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, 
15a George Square, Edinburgh,  EH8 9LD
Email: toby [dot] kellyated [dot] ac [dot] uk

Dr Tobias Kelly teaches Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. He has carried out long term research among Palestinians in the West Bank. He is prepared to enter into discussion with a legal advisor about writing expert witness reports for Palestinian in asylum cases who fall under the 1951 Convention.

Dr George Joffé

Email: gj235atcam [dot] ac [dot] uk or emailatgeorgejoffe [dot] com
Skype: george.joffe

Professor Joffé, Director, Centre for the Study of International Relations in the Middle East and North Africa, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. From 1997-2000 Professor Joffé was the deputy-director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London; member,  EuroMeSCo Network;  from 2007-10, visiting fellow at the Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford;  currently a senior member of St Antony’s College and he is an analyst for NOREF; Consultant, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the  US State Department. He has also advised the European Commission (DG Relex), EuropAid and the new External Action Service. He is prepared to provide country of origin experts witness statements for Morocco including the Western Sahara, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, the GCC states, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Chad.

Reports, Commentaries and relevant Documents.

  • Commentary on the February 2012 OPT OGN. Published by Still Human, Still Here with commentaries on the Operational Guidance Notes (OGN) issued by the UK Border Agency on OPT. This is intended as a tool to assist legal practitioners identify the relevant country of origin information and to help ensure that all relevant material is considered by decision-makers.