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(See Below for Case Law, Evidence of Public Attitudes, NGOs that Assist or Advocate on LGBTI issues, and Country of Origin LGBTI Specialists) 

Both male and female same-sex acts are legal under the new Penal Code of 1993.

In 2008, Guinea-Bissau became one of the 66 countries to sign the UN Statement on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in support of decriminalisation of homosexuality and transgender identity.

Rules on the age of consent are equal between homosexuals and heterosexuals.


No asylum cases of LGBTI persons fleeing Guinea-Bissau are listed here, but we welcome suggestions.


According to the 2012 US State Department report, there have been no incidents or human rights abuses targeting LGBTI persons or instances of discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity in employment, education or health care. Differences in the treatment of LGBTI persons can be seen in government guidelines for civil servants’ housing allowances, given that only heterosexual married couples are entitled to family-size housing.

While social taboos may somewhat restrict freedom to express sexual orientation, Guinea-Bissau is generally tolerant of consensual same-sex conduct, according to the Global Gayz.


We do not currently list any NGO on LGBTI issues in Guinea-Bissau, but would welcome suggestions. 


Dr Benjamin N. Lawrance

Professor of History at the University of Arizona

Email: benlawatemail [dot] arizona [dot] edu

Benjamin N. Lawrance is the former Conable Chair in International Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently a professor of history at the University of Arizona.He has conducted field research in West Africa since 1997 and published extensively about political and social conditions. He has served as an expert witness in the asylum cases for over 130 West Africans in the US, Europe and Canada which have involved human trafficking, citizenship, statelessness, female genital cutting, gender issues, gender identity, ethnic and religious violence, and witchcraft accusations.

Researched by: Minos Mouzourakis

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