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China - COI

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Dr Elena Consiglio

Email: elena [dot] consiglioatunipa [dot] it

Elena Consiglio holds a PhD in Law from the University of Palermo. She knows about Chinese legal history and tradition, modernization and reform, and current legal practice. She has lived in China for over one year (2009-2010) and reads and speaks Mandarin. She is prepared to be contacted for expert reports in asylum cases.

Dr Angus Francis

Email: angus [dot] francisatqut [dot] edu [dot] au 

Angus Francis is a practising migration agent and academic in Australia who has experience representing asylum claimants from China. He can assist in locating China Country of Origin Information.

Ms Stephanie Gordon

Email: sg380atle [dot] ac [dot] uk

Ms Gordon's expertise on China spreads over legal, political and anthropological fields, with particular attention to human rights abuses. In particular, her research focuses on denial of the household registration (hukou). In this context Ms Gordon has researched a broad range of areas regarding human rights abuses in China. This includes, but is not limited to: the family planning policy; hukou denial to children; gangs; infertility; property rights; North Koreans in China; and religious persecution.  As a fluent Mandarin speaker, Ms Gordon researches from English and Chinese sources, and has lived in China for over three years. 

Mr Andrew Lillis

Email: andrew [dot] lillisatgmail [dot] com
Tel: +86 15 01 01 77 85 55

Andew Lills is a lawyer practicing in Beijing. He has experience representing refugees with UNHCR. He is prepared to be contacted regarding pro bono asylum cases and may be able to assist with Country of Origin Information.

Prof Susan McCarthy

Email: SMCCARTHatprovidence [dot] edu

Susan McCarthy is Professor of political science at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. She received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of California—Berkeley in 2001. Her research, on the politics of ethnicity and religion in contemporary China, explores how party-state norms, institutions, and practices both constrain and encourage efforts by minority and religious groups to articulate their identities and pursue their interests.

Dr Lili Song

Email: lili [dot] song20atgmail [dot] com 

Dr Lili Song studied law in China and New Zealand: LLB (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), LLM (East China University of Political Science and Law), PhD in Law (Victoria University of Wellington). She is qualified to practice law in China and worked as a lawyer/in-house lawyer for more than three years in Shanghai. She is currently working as a Lecturer in Law at the University of the South Pacific. Her current research areas include Chinese refugee law and policy, Chinese immigration law, and human rights issues in China. She has a particular interest in asylum cases involving trafficked Chinese women. She is willing to assist with China Country of Origin Information.

Suggested starting points for China COI

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The European Country of Origin Information Network – China COI page

Via www.ecoi.net

Australian Refugee Review Tribunal – China COI research information

Via www.mrt-rrt.gov.au/research2.asp

Internet Freedom

Reporters Without Borders has published a list of 10 "internet enemies", i.e. countries that actively restrict access to the internet, censor content and pursue and imprison those who upload, contribute and view content which criticises the government. There are corresponding articles detailing the legal obstacles for internet users, and the consequences for those who fall foul of the law. China is on this list.


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